About L’Abri Farms Foundation
L’Abri Farms Foundation was organized exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purposes.  Specifically, L’Abri Farms Foundation was formed to teach Biblical principles through sustainable agriculture and healthy living ministries. We actively manage the balance between pasture, cultivated land, raised-bed gardens, livestock, and forest land. As much as practical we raise livestock and plants that can reproduce themselves, and use plants, flowers and shrubs that attract bees for pollination and predatory wasps and insects for pest control. By carefully maintaining our pasture we draw a significant amount of energy from the sun which it converts into valuable food for livestock and poultry, which in turn provide valuable nutrients to replenish the soil and maintain healthy plant growth in the pasture. We carefully rotate plants and crops and livestock, whether in gardening beds or pasture to sustain the vitality of and health of both the soil, and of the crops and livestock raised thereon. We also manage adjacent forest land, so as to provide crops protection from wind damage, as well as the production of oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and dust from the atmosphere, and to cleanse water runoff from gardens, pasture and livestock, as well as to provide a home for many species of birds as well as bats, and amphibians, that help in controlling insects and other pests. Annual plans are developed for the rotation of crops, and livestock and poultry.  All livestock and poultry are from heritage breeds that can reproduce themselves and represent a valuable “genetic bank”, and for preserving the essential relationship between the pasture and the plants and animals that depend upon its ability to harvest energy from the sun. Healthy Living Ministries We teach that the Word of God, as set forth in the underlying Hebrew and Greek Texts, requires us to be good stewards of the earth and the environment that we live in.  And further, that the Core Beliefs that we teach, regarding Sustainable Agriculture and Healthy Living are mandated by the Word of God.
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